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The Advanced Odontology Clinic Andrea Calmon is a large practice situated in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro with modern and ample facilities with the most qualified professionals, fluent in English, French and Portugese.

Quick and painless methods for teeth whitening using laser technology and/or at home, orthodontics, odontopediatric, canal treatment, esthetic treatments, using Procera® crowns, ceramic onlays, cavity restauration using resine of last generations and small surgeries using laser, are some of the most common treatments.

It is interesting to note that, according to the needs of the patient, the use of lasers will be recommended. Andrea Calmon holds a professional masters degree from the Univeristy of São Paolo in the use of lasers, which reflects our services' level of excellence.


When should I bring my child to the dentist for the first time?

Nowadays, a visit to the dentist is the first step towards prevention and the oral health of your child, that is why the first visit to the dentist is recommended to take place as early as possible while the child still lacks teeth. This first appointment will be the oportunity to learn everything a parent should know about his child's oral hygene, from the use of a pacifier to the hygene instructions that have to be followed throught the development of the child's mouth. It is very important for parents to be informed about the methods of achieveing a healthy mouth for their child in order to avoid cavities.

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Does bleaching damage teeth?

Bleaching now uses carbamide peroxide which interacts with the tooth's enamel without causing it any damage. Home bleaching and auxiliary bleaching by diode light act in similar fashion with no damage to the teeth.

Why do I experience bleeding when brushing my teeth?

In most cases, it's the gums rather then the teeth that are bleeding. Gums are sensitive and bleed when insufficiently cleaned and thus contaminated by either, calculus, bacterial plaques or because they are wounded. In any case, brushing must not be interrupted as it would only worsen the problem. This is a good time to visit your dentist to make a checkup and assess the necessity of cleaning without the scraping of calculus by ultrasound and by undergoing a laser biomodulation.

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